Constituent Councils

Constituent Councils of the Grand Council of Cryptic Masons of Minnesota

No. 1 St. Paul Council

No. 2 Minneapolis Council

200 E. Plato Blvd., St. Paul, MN

Meeting:  2nd Monday   7:00PM

2011 Dupont Ave., S., Minneapolis, MN

Meeting:  2nd Monday after St. Johns Chapter

No. 3 Ark Council

No. 4 Tyrian Council

311 S. Oak St., Owatonna, MN

Meeting:  3rd Wednesday  7:00PM

2002 S.W. 2nd St., Rochester, MN

Meeting:  3rd Monday May, June, July, Aug 7:00PM

No. 6 Duluth Council

No. 7 Austin Council

4 W. Second St., Duluth, MN

Meeting:  3rd Tuesday  Sept-May  7:00PM

315 A North Main St., Austin, MN

Meeting:  3rd Wednesday with Ark Council 7:00PM

No. 8 Alpha Council

No. 9 Omega Council

308 Frontage Ave S, Underwood, MN

Meeting:  2nd Thursday Sept-Nov , Jan-Mar, May  7:00PM

5149 Bloomington Ave So, Minneapolis, MN

Meeting:  2nd Wednesday Nov-Mar, May-Sept  7:30PM 

No. 10 Zabud Council

No. 12 Northfield Council

1900 3rd Ave., Anoka, MN

Meeting:  4th Wednesday  8:00PM

326 3rd Street, Farmington, MN

Meeting:  2nd Monday Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr   7:00PM

No. 13 Grand Master Hiram Council

Virtual, 1 In person at 1 Day to Council

Meeting:  3rd Saturday Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct  Zoom  8:30AM

No. 14 Central Council

316 1/2 S. Minnesota Ave., St. Peter, MN

Meeting:  3rd Thursday Sept-May  7:00PM

No. 16 Red Rock Council

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